Known also as Nature Cure, Pure Naturopathy is the science and art of Natural Living and Natural Healing. Nature Cure offers a holistic (total body), self-healing approach to health and wellbeing.

We live in a time of saturation and stimulation. Chronic disease and infertility at their highest rates ever in human history, pharmaceutical dependency has become ‘the norm’, symptoms are temporarily suppressed, yet statistics reveal NO-ONE is actually getting any healthier.

Nature Cure on the other hand, is REAL HEALTH CARE. Real health care does not focus on ‘managing’ and suppressing your symptoms. Most prescribing health practitioners (either medical or natural) want you to believe that any recession of your symptoms, even if only temporary, is a good sign. But this is not necessarily so. When you understand that the symptoms of your disease are only the outward reflection of your inner diseased state, then you will no longer be happy to suppress your body in its efforts.

Nature Cure is not ‘alternate’ medicine – it is an alternative to medicine.

Pure Naturopathy, or Nature Cure, is completely separate from the practice of medicine in all of its forms, both conventional and alternate.  Nature Cure Naturopaths DO NOT practice the philosophy of medicine in any way, instead they recognise the irrefutable healing power that is inherent in ALL living things.

“Every biological organism on earth, which of course includes man, has the qualities of self-reproduction, self-regulation and self-repair.”

Kenneth S. Jaffrey ND DC

 Are you tired of trading real cure for temporary symptom relief? Allow Mohren Pure Naturopathy to provide guidance on how to eliminate the conditions of disease and educate you on how live in health and enable your body to heal itself naturally.

No Pills
No Potions
No Side Effects!



“I first consulted with Victoria when my son was 5 months old. He had developed several nasty patches of eczema, which were causing him discomfort and me concern. I had first consulted with a GP and was advised the only treatment would be to use a powerful steroidal cortisone cream on his tiny little body. I did some homework on the composition and side effects of such medications and decided they were far too strong (not to mention dangerous) to use on one so young. Victoria helped me to understand my son’s condition, remove the causes and showed me how to handle his delicate skin. He rarely has any skin flare-ups now and I have never needed to resort to the harsh treatments I was told I would have ‘no choice’ but to use. Victoria has assisted me with any health concerns I have had for my son and myself, and the efficacy of her advice has always been proven by the results. I would not hesitate to recommend Victoria to any mum who is looking for a natural way to raise her children."

- Lara C, Melbourne Australia

"It is an honour to recommend our esteemed colleague, Nature Cure Practitioner, Victoria Mohren. Victoria follows the principles and practices of Natural Living and Natural Healing in both her personal and professional life. This is reflected in the health of herself, her children and clientele. She is a gifted diagnostician and treatment planner, assisting many to health restoration through the Nature Cure methods. She is unique in her ability to identify and remove causes, provide the biological elements for health, and utilise rest strategies for health recovery. Victoria uses no curatives but relies steadfastly in the ‘vis mediatrix naturae’ (the body heals itself)."

- Catherine Adams-Hinton, Kevin and Katy Hinton Health Educators

"Victoria was recommended to me by a friend. I needed to lose weight and wanted to improve my general health. After an initial face-to-face consultation, Victoria and I had a series of follow up sessions via Skype. As I am deaf and needed to lip read, I was initially a little apprehensive about how effective this would be, but it worked very well. Victoria’s diagnosis was valuable as it gave me a clear picture of where my health was at and finally knowing the causes gave me peace of mind. Follow-up sessions were very informative and educational. Victoria has an in-depth knowledge of health and I felt very supported during the process. I now feel empowered to take my health into my own hands and I know Victoria is always there to provide any backup or support I need in the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take control of their own health destiny. You’ll be glad you did!"

- Karen Lloyd, Brisbane Australia

"After working with Victoria over a period of time for my rheumatoid arthritis, I can highly recommend Victoria as a Nature Cure Practitioner. Whether you are someone whose health has deteriorated, or have an illness of some kind and are looking to restore your health, I would recommend you to Victoria. Even if you are someone who is relatively healthy and simply looking to educate oneself further on the subject of Natural Living and Natural Healing, then Victoria’s guidance and assistance will be most beneficial"

- James O, Esperance Western Australia

"Thank you, thank you so much and so thankful for the book you recommended. Whilst strolling the beach this morning I was trying to put into words how I am feeling after our first two sessions, and I finally came up with ‘freedom’ and ‘relief’!! Freedom to stop scouring the internet for the latest powder or herb! Freedom to unsubscribe from the countless emails I get from people touting the latest juice fast or super smoothie, etc…Freedom that I never have to spend another cent on any products…and I’m not even game to think of the money I have wasted so far! Now I know that I am free of ever having to waste any more money!! Freedom to not have to think constantly about what I should eat, so easy and simple!! And relief about exercise. I have been such an over exerciser, that it was actually a relief for you to tell me I only need 30 minutes a day. Yippee!!"

- Melissa Close, Yeppoon Australia

"The search for the most natural form of healing led me to Victoria. Despite the distance between India and Australia, the consultations progressed smoothly over Skype and email. Victoria is a methodical, hands on educator with in depth knowledge of Nature Cure. She guided me over a period of few months until my body raised a fever and I was comfortable in her care during the four day fast. She says more healing is expected and I am grateful to have her solid support."

- Anubha Kothari - Bangalore, India