Natural Birth Control

Natural fertility control is chemical and implant free birth control. Other than a few barrier methods, there is no medically advocated method of contraception that does not have side effects or major long-term health implications. The fact is that if you are using chemical or hormonal methods of contraception then you are not only damaging your fertility but your health as well. I regularly see the terrible outcomes of long-term use of all the medically advocated methods. The scientific evidence of the side effects and long-term health risks is mountainous and quite frankly, absolutely frightening. It is a sad indictment of the current status quo, where it is the norm for 15 and 16 year old girls to be put on the pill with little or no information about the possible side effects. This constant state of medicating generally remains in place for years to come and it is often not until the damage has been done, that these young women start to think about what effect their little ‘daily dosage’ is having on their overall health and potential fertility.

There is however, a natural method of preventing pregnancy that is more effective than the contraceptive pill, IUD’s and barrier methods. This method is non-invasive, easy to use, economical and device and drug-free! What’s more, this method has been subjected to more scientific research than any other method of fertility control! Controlling your fertility naturally and effectively is easy, safe, liberating and devoid of side effects. Not to mention the very real fact that women who have not been on chemical birth control, have a far easier time conceiving when they chose to. As a woman, knowing your own body’s fertility cycle intimately is incredibly empowering.

This natural method is the Billings Ovulation Method and is a scientifically recognised and proven method of natural birth control that boasts a success rate of over 99% (even higher than that of the contraceptive pill). The Billings Method works with each woman’s unique pattern of fertility and infertility regardless of what stage of fertility you are at.

The Billings Method is:
  • Completely natural, devoid of any unpleasant or harmful side effects commonly associated with most methods of contraception
  • Applicable to all women, in all circumstances and stages of reproductive life, regardless if you are breastfeeding, have irregular cycles, or approaching menopause
  • Based on your own body’s natural signs of fertility and infertility

 Victoria is a qualified and accredited Billings Ovulation Method teacher with Billings Life Australia. If you are interested in getting to know your body better and taking control of your own fertility or even assisting in your daughter’s reproductive destiny, safely and naturally, I would be only too happy to assist.