Naturally Assisted Reproduction

Infertility is currently at its highest rate ever in the history of humanity. We now live in a society where medically assisted reproduction is considered quite normal. This however is a distorted view of what is actually normal. In the animal kingdom we only see such high rates of infertility when there is something seriously wrong with the breeding population. If we observed a wild species with the same rates of reproductive problems that are current in the human population, we would say that the particular species was in decline. I leave it to you to draw your own conclusions as to where you view the human species is at presently!

There is no more definite an indicator of health than fertility. Fertility will increase or decrease according to a person’s state of health, both male and female. “Fertility is one of the most variable phenomena in human activity and is the sum total of both partners fertility”, Studies on Human Reproduction, Professor-Emeritus James B. Brown.

The responsibility of fertility falls equally on both partner’s shoulders. Conceiving in a state of health, naturally, is a far greater assurance of a healthy baby than using artificially assisted reproduction techniques. Ask yourself, do you just want a baby or do you want a healthy baby? I would direct you to look at the statistics of mortality and chronic ill health in the population of IVF versus naturally conceived children, to assist you in answering this question for yourself. It is not only the health of the baby that is adversely affected by assisted reproduction techniques, but also that of the mother undergoing what is usually many rounds of fertility treatment before a live baby is produced. There are numerous studies proving increased incidences of long-term chronic health consequences, such as ovarian and uterine cancer, in the IVF mother.

Professor Rob Norman, one of the pioneers of the IVF industry in Australia, recently stated in relation to women using IVF, that in his opinion…”40-50% will get pregnant without IVF, if they understand their fertility window, track their cycle properly, lose weight and exercise…a large number of people assessed properly can avoid IVF”. Given that one cycle of IVF currently in Australia costs around $8000, this is also a VERY expensive road to parenthood… These women Professor Norman refers to are what we in the natural fertility field refer to as ‘sub-fertile’. That is to say they require no radical medical intervention to conceive. Rather all they require is natural guidance and patience and conception is only a matter of time.

5 Requirements for Natural Fertility:
  1. Satisfactory ovulation with adequate ovarian hormones- oestrogen and progesterone
  2. Healthy sperm
  3. Adequate cervical function producing fertile mucus, enabling sperm survival and motility
  4. Healthy, free flowing fallopian tubes
  5. Healthy endometrium allowing implantation of embryo
How does the process of Naturally Assisted Reproduction of Pure Naturopathy work?

STEP 1: we conduct a full health diagnosis of both potential parents to accurately determine their respective states of health and identify where any fertility problems lie. In Pure Naturopathy we use a process called differential diagnosis which includes iris diagnosis, spinal exam, and physical indicator testing. We collect all information on your current symptoms, previous health and treatment history, diet and lifestyle.
STEP 2: provide both potential parents with a tailored health and fertility plan that will cover all areas such as diet and lifestyle adjustment, detox programs (where appropriate), stress reduction and natural conception education. Victoria is a qualified and accredited Billing Ovulation Method teacher and can educate you how to precisely identify your fertile window in every cycle.

Pure Naturopathy will assist to:
  • Normalise menstrual cycles
  • Educate you to track your cycles and know your precise time of optimum fertility month to month
  • Normalise your body weight
  • Eliminate or ease issues such as polycystic ovaries (PCOS), thrush, fibroids, endometriosis, fallopian tube blockages and thyroid problems
  • Increase circulatory flow to the reproductive organs using hydrotherapy techniques
  • Improve sperm health and motility
  • Improve cervical response and mucus production

The state of health of both parents at the point of conception equals the state of health of the child conceived, it’s as simple as that. Assisting couples to conceive naturally, in health, is an area of my practice that I am passionate about. Those couples prepared to invest their time and effort to conceive in health, have excellent results. Pure Naturopathy can help in the majority of cases where attempted natural conception and even IVF has so far failed. So whether you are having trouble conceiving or just want to do everything you can to ensure the best possible outcome for your baby and yourself, Pure Naturopathy can help.

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