Constant and Recurrent Pain

Chronic and long-term pain conditions are far more common than most people realise. The most common method of treating these conditions is with ongoing painkiller medication. The rates of painkiller addiction are now at epidemic proportions in many countries. Treating chronic pain with a prescription is at best a temporary solution, but in reality often a dangerously addictive habit that also adds to the underlying cause.

Suppressing pain is ignoring a very important signal your body is sending you. Pain is not normal and certainly not something that is to be ‘expected’ as part of growing older. Pain tells us that something is wrong. Pain anywhere in the body is due to abnormal pressure on the nerve supply in the particular area affected. To treat pain effectively we must reduce the pressure on the nerve supply. Effectively treating chronic pain is absolutely dependant upon identifying the cause and removing it.

In order to determine causative factors a full health diagnosis must first be done, then a comprehensive treatment plan will be given. In the process of treating your condition a specific program of hydrotherapy will be used to increase circulatory flow to the area in order to facilitate more rapid healing and pain reduction. In most cases where all other methods have failed, Pure Naturopathy can deliver long-term natural solutions to chronic pain sufferers.