Arthritic Conditions

There are more than 100 conditions that come under the heading of arthritis. Arthritis can be very painful and often debilitating to the sufferer. Arthritic conditions are invariably a result of long-term disease states. Successfully treating any condition of arthritis is about treating the person and not just the symptom and that is where the major difference lies between the methods of Pure Naturopathy and pretty much all other health care practices.

How does Pure Naturopathy assist with arthritic conditions?

To understand the condition and bring relief to the sufferer, it is paramount that the cause be firstly determined and then removed. Once  the causative factors have been dealt with, the client is then given a complete treatment plan that is specific to their arthritic condition, which will include a specific diet, exercise, spinal care and lifestyle program.

A program of hydrotherapy will also be incorporated into the treatment plan to assist with pain reduction, ease stiffness and inflammation and bring greater circulation to hardening tissue. It will not be long until you start to notice improvements in your condition. Adherence to the health restoration program will lead to continued improvements in pain reduction and elimination, as well as enhanced mobility and improved wellbeing.