Insomnia and Fatigue

Sleep problems can be the cause of great anxiety to the sufferer and can lead to problems functioning in just about every area of life. Whether you have trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep or trouble getting back to sleep, Pure Naturopathy can help you to overcome the problem, once and for all.

Sleep deficits invariably lead to greater and more complex health disorders, so getting into a healthy sleeping routine is absolutely vital to your long-term health and wellbeing. Better sleep will positively effect your daily functioning and lead to improvements in all areas of your life not just your health.

How does Pure Naturopathy address problems of insomnia and fatigue?

The first step in solving disorders of insomnia and fatigue is to conduct a thorough health diagnosis, focusing on all possible causative factors such as adrenal function, thyroid issues, nervous system irregularities, emotional disorders and spinal problems. The causes of insomnia and fatigue are most often multiple and successfully treating your condition will require a multi-faceted approach.

You will be given a healthy sleeping program which will address all of the diet and lifestyle factors that are contributing to your sleep and/or fatigue problem. I will help you to make changes to your daily routine, for example:

  • introduce stress reduction techniques
  • manage exposure to television and computer screens
  • reduction of caffeine, alcohol and other stimulants
  • align your lifestyle to the natural circadian rhythms of the human body

In addition to this you will be given a complete lifestyle program that will help you to establish your new healthy sleep routine which your body will fully adjust to.

It won’t be long until your constant state of fatigue is a memory and you can finally look forward to an easy and restful sleep…every night!