“What is the fitness industry?
…but a way to divorce the aesthetics from the function”
Rafe Kelley

  • Do you look at all the exalted elite athletes as being bastions of health?
  • Is a hard body a healthy body?
  • Ever wondered how much exercise is too much?
  • Can you even actually do too much exercise?
  • Are you addicted to the fitness rush?
  • Are you exercising yourself into an early grave…what is fitness…is it the same as health…why do we need to exercise…fitness VS health- what measurements are we using? I mean what is the point in being able to run 10 kilometres or cycle 100 kilometres anyway?? Aaahhh…confusion reigns supreme!!!
Let’s sort out the facts from the constant flow of fiction…

In a nutshell, if health is your goal, then your exercise program should be designed to deliver the following:

  • Normality of the structure and function of the body
  • Acceleration in the circulatory flow of blood, lymph and nerve force
…I bet you never learned about those concepts at boot camp!!


Let’s look at some of the real benefits of exercise (and these reasons are about more than just how you look!)

Benefits of Regular Exercise
  • You’ll be happier
  • You’ll live longer
  • You’ll have more energy
  • You’ll sleep better
  • You’ll reduce your stress levels
  • You’ll boost your confidence
  • You’ll improve your posture and ease back pain
  • You’ll improve your memory and cognitive function in general

BUT…if you think you are going to be able to sweat your way back to health, I am afraid you are likely to die trying. In today’s climate we tend to see the two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to exercise. At one end we have the couch potatoes (those who never exercise) and at the other end we have the over-exercisers…those in heavy training for the next triathlon in their area…after all everyone else’s doing it! Exercise is essential for health, no doubt about that, but in this department balance is essential. Running 25 km, doing a 100 km bike ride and a 3 km swim does not equal balance. It equals exhaustion! The detrimental ramifications of exhaustion for your health are MAJOR!!! and very difficult (at times impossible) to recover from.

Common Side Effects of Over-Exercising
  • Increased risk of injury
  • Increased levels of depression and anxiety
  • Can lead to fat gain
  • Leads to fatigue and the flow on effect of disrupted sleep patterns
  • Imbalanced hormones-irregular periods in women
  • Joint pain

If you are in the other camp…the couch potatoes…yes you will need to introduce a level of activity into your lifestyle. However, this will not mean exhaustion, fatigue and pain…all those things that have put you off the whole exercise concept for so long. You will find exercise to be pleasurable and easy to fit into your busy schedule. In no time you will actually find yourself looking forward to exercising, not making up excuses to justify your inactivity.

Healthy Tip

To ensure you are not stressing the body whilst exercising, exercise only at a level where you can comfortably breathe through your nose. If you need to open the mouth to gasp for breath, it is time to ease back.

When you work with me you will learn about balanced, gentle, non-violent exercise and how this promotes health and longevity…after all that’s what Pure Naturopathy is all about…Health and Longevity! I will teach you how to use exercise to normalise your spine, strengthen your muscles and achieve and maintain the correct amount of flexibility. You will not have to run any marathons nor climb any mountains to achieve this. Your exercise program will become part of your health building program and no longer part of your disease building process.

Contact me and I will educate you how to exercise for
health and longevity, because a healthy body is a beautiful body!