Wellness Coaching

Pretty much every time I open the newspaper I see ‘scientific studies’ looking at this, that or the other latest and greatest discovery promising health. One day coffee is healthy, the next it is not. Then we hear about ‘super foods’…80/20 diets…Paleo diets…ferments…the list goes on and on. To the average person who wants to GENUINELY improve their health, wellbeing and longevity, knowing which way to turn is an absolute minefield!

In accordance with the Nature Cure philosophy of health, Pure Naturopathy advocates the ‘Human Diet’. Sounds simple, yet in no other area of health is there so much confusion and misinformation. It is an irrefutable fact that all living creatures have a diet that is specific to their species, and that if they keep largely to their natural diet, good health will be the natural outcome. The natural diet of the human species is a diet that is applicable to all people, with minor adjustments relevant to the level of physical work and digestive capacity of the particular person.

However, diet is only one of the eight requirements for the health of the human organism. Pure Naturopathy (Nature Cure) is an omnilateral and holistic health care philosophy. It pays equal attention to ALL requirements of health…not just diet. Coaching you on the road to wellness sees my main role as that of educator. I will teach you about all of the biological necessities required to achieve high-level health and how to apply each of these elements in your daily life.

Instead of having to blindly accept the medical advice that is backed up by the immensely profitable pharmaceutical juggernaut, you will come to truly know that health is indeed the NATURAL state of the human organism and that one does not need a university degree to understand it or even achieve it. Being health is simple when you know how. Leading you to a state of confidence to take your health into your own hands is my ultimate goal.