Choose your language wisely‘??? What does she mean??? You see the language we use supports the particular philosophy in which we believe. Those of us who actually understand the science that all of the Nature Cure philosophy of health is grounded upon, will understand this. As I have said before, to the point of monotony, disease is a PROCESS (and as such it has the capacity to progress or regress), it is not an entity nor a thing.  It is a state of being at any given moment in time and as physics tells us, all matter is in motion, so this state can either improve or get worse, but is never static. This is what we refer to as the ‘unity of disease’, where one condition merely continues to degrade, alters, starts to influence more areas of the body, but is essentially of the one disease, that being Toxaemia. This theory adheres to the scientific Law of Unity, which states that ‘everything is connected and interconnected, nothing exists in isolation’.

We of the Nature Cure school do not use terms such as immunity, or immune system (these concepts underpin the germ theory of disease causation), nor do we speak in terms of deficiency or bodily levels of this vitamin or that mineral, neither do we ever say the body is ‘fighting’ something or has ‘caught’ something. The medical industry bases its philosophy and practices on the false theory of germs being the primary causative factor in disease and these are the words they use to support their erroneous beliefs. They say you ‘catch’ a bacteria or virus from someone else and that is why you are sick. Generally this pertains to disease in the acute state, i.e. fever present. But their theories drop off suddenly when we then ask them to explain what causes chronic states of disease, i.e. no fever and no improvements in the condition. In this department they hopelessly flounder for causes.

Nature Cure stands upon the theory of Toxaemia (literal meaning: poisoned blood) the tenants of this philosophy have been clearly explained elsewhere. The theory of Toxaemia explains precisely, and scientifically, disease in the acute state as well as disease in the chronic state. As I have said before ageing is not synonymous with developing chronic disease. One can age in excellent health depending on how one has lived one’s life. You see health is the sum total of what you do everyday.


“How to Make a Chronically Sick Person”

  • Take one healthy young person
  • Add incorrect feeding from day one
  • Add caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, etc…
  • Add an excess or deficit of exercise (both are equally disease producing)
  • Keep the person out of the sun
  • Keep the person in poorly ventilated spaces (i.e. air-conditioned spaces, enclosed heated spaces)
  • Supply them with municipal tap water to drink
  • Add poor sleeping patterns
  • AND suppress the body every time it tries to off load its excess of poisonous waste matter via the fever mechanism, thus forcing it to hold onto all the built up toxic poisons and lay them even deeper in the bodily tissues…
  • Continue all the above steps for a period of time and…
  • VOILA you get one chronically sick older person…it takes time to build this state of health, or state of disease as it happens to be.

Not rocket science really, but it seems the medical industry has yet to work this one out??

So right now we are being told that people are dying because of one particular germ, a particular coronavirus. Stand back, I ask you, and have a really good look at exactly who is dying or even having anything other than a ‘mild’ reaction?? To this might I add at this juncture, that dying is indeed part of the human condition. Cessation of life is going to happen to all living things at some point. So right now we are seeing people who are already chronically ill, or as we are being advised by our good politicians and doctors, people who already have one or more ‘comorbidities’, dying. Great word that, co-morbidity…morbid = death…so at least one condition is already present that will lead to the person’s death, at some point, take your guess as to when.

Now let’s take a little side step. IF germs are THE cause of a particular disease, then by necessity they must cause it whenever they are present. This is scientific really, I mean if the germ is the cause, then it must therefore cause the disease whenever present in the body. Not so as it turns out to be however, and to conveniently sweep this little anomaly (actually this glaring flaw in their theory) under the carpet, the medical industry refers to these people as carriers, people who have the particular germ present but are not sick from it…oh mystery of mysteries!

Now what do we know about germs, bacteria, viruses, whatever name you choose? They are all parasites, all scavengers and they live off decaying organic matter…both inside and outside the body. Notice how quickly bacteria get to work decomposing a rotting carcass? Unless a particular germ is able to cause the specific disease without the aid of an unnatural environment (i.e. the toxic internal conditions of an already chronically sick person), then it cannot rightly be considered as THE cause of the particular disease, although it may certainly be considered as a contributing factor. You see in Nature Cure we know well that it is never one singular cause that can be identified as the specific cause of ANY disease state, the causes are always plural. Germs must find certain essential conditions existing in the bodies of those they enter before they can do even the slightest harm…end of story!

You decide. Do you fear the germ or clean up your health??? Vaccinate (against this and every other microorganism possibly heading your way), or improve the quality of the tissue, the quality of your body?? Either way please choose your words wisely as they will always reflect your understanding of health clearly to those who are listening. And just for the record, the body does not fight, it responds.

Victoria Mohren NCP, BOM Acc, B Bus


The opinions expressed in this article are based on the Nature Cure philosophy of health and do not coincide with current medical theories. Mohren Pure Naturopathy does not claim that any advice given here represents a cure for disease. If you have any doubts regarding your health, then it is your responsibility to consult a competent health practitioner.