1. QUESTION: So I understand that the body ‘raises’ a fever, we do not actually ‘catch’ a fever and that the fever is the innate, programmatic response of the organism. So what actually goes on when the fever is in process? What is the body actually doing?

ANSWER: Let’s take one step back so that we can understand this health-building phenomenon better.

When we live in a manner that does not align with the natural laws of life (as the vast majority of the inhabitants of the world are doing at this time in history = Building Corona Friendly Environments), after a time the body will not be able to keep up with it’s efforts of eliminating the waste material generated from living such a lifestyle. So basically these people are making toxins faster than they can eliminate them.

2. QUESTION: So what happens then?

ANSWER: When this happens, when the body does not have enough energy to eliminate all the toxic waste material that is being produced systematically within the body, then the body has no choice but to lay the waste material down somewhere inside the body at least for a while.

3. QUESTION: Why does the body have to ‘lay down’ the waste?

ANSWER: To maintain the best possible health it can (i.e. maintain homeostasis), the body must get this poisonous, toxic waste material out of the circulatory flow, so that it poses as little a threat as possible to the normal, essential functioning of the organism…the body in its infinite, innate wisdom will send this waste material as far away from the vital organs as possible.

4. QUESTION: Are there any other factors that affect where the body lays its waste down?

ANSWER: Excellent question, I can see you are really thinking now!

Yes indeed, the body will always lay waste into areas of weak tissue. So if you have a hereditary weakness OR have an area that has become weakened due to injury or trauma, then these areas are the number one areas that are  going to hold this toxic matter. The medical industry is acutely aware of the fact that disease most often begins in the hereditarily weak areas in a person.

5. QUESTION: How do I know where my body is laying down waste?

ANSWER: Get a diagnosis done by a qualified Nature Cure practitioner!

6. QUESTION: So how does the fever affect these laid down deposits of toxic waste?

ANSWER: Always remember, fever is nothing more than heat and heat liquefies these hardened deposits of waste material, and another effect of the increase of heat is that heat increases molecular movement. Yep, when you have a fever everything is moving more rapidly within the body. So the heat liquefies the waste matter, which moves it back into the circulatory flow and from there is sent to the organs of elimination (which are also working more rapidly than usual) to be voided from the body. Simple and highly effective, and  most definitely a health improving effort of the body.

7. QUESTION: Yes I am really starting to understand why we raise fevers and what is going on when we do. So what happens if we do something to interfere with or stop the fever?

ANSWER: It is a fact that under the current widespread philosophy of medical management of fever, most fevers experienced by most people worldwide are aborted or halted (stopped in their tracks) and this is actually the REAL threat to the body. So in its infinite and innate wisdom, at some point the body has identified that the load of toxic waste matter it is carrying has for some reason, become too much and it must offload some of this matter as the condition is now beginning to impede upon the life processes of the organism too greatly. Self-Preservation is the immutable law of life for all living organisms, the human body is no different and it will instigate a fever whenever it deems it necessary! So the body initiates a fever and now we see the solidified, unmoving toxic matter, being liquefied and is now floating in, even flooding into, the circulatory system, on its way to points of elimination for evacuation from the body…absolutely right action on the part of the organism! IF at this point you stop the body from finishing what it has started, the body will of course do its best for you…as it always does. If the person is young, not too toxic and has good vitality, the body will abort its healing effort and lay the waste back down, but this time it will lay it deeper into the cellular tissue. And so for many years this will go on, each time the body raises a fever, it gets stopped, the body is prevented from completing its job (its extraordinary cycle of elimination) and the condition progressively gets worse and worse…eventually the body starts to develop all sorts of chronic disease states as a result of this mismanagement of fevers, as a result of continually forcing the body to hold onto its biological waste products. The medical fraternity is well aware of the ‘progression’ of disease states, they just seem to lack the understanding of why this happens and how to prevent it.

HOWEVER, let’s take someone who is old and/or in a very chronic state of ill health, with low in vitality, then the following is a very likely outcome when you stop the fever:

  • The excess of liquefied poisonous toxins in the bloodstream will be rushed to the kidneys (one of our organs of elimination) BUT the kidneys will only be able to handle so much.
  • The skin (another organ of elimination) will send out as much as it can, but it too will only be able to handle so much.
  • Then the lungs (our final organ of elimination) will start to fill with this liquid waste. The medical term for this is ‘pneumonia’. When the lungs fill with liquid, you can’t breathe properly. When the lungs fill with liquid their capacity to take in oxygen is reduced. When the lungs start to fill with liquid you are heading into major organ failure.
  • When the amount of oxygen being supplied to the body is not sufficient for its needs, then the heart will start to pump harder and the heart capacity of an old and/or chronically sick person is not generally great. It will not be long until you have another major organ start to fail-i.e. heart failure.
  • And once one major organ goes down, all the others fall like dominos and life ceases rapidly.

8. QUESTION: Wow that’s dramatic!! I guess that’s why when people die from acute diseases (i.e. fevers), they pretty much always die from ‘pneumonia-like’ symptoms? It’s not the fever that kills but the suppression of it!

ANSWER: Nailed it! I can see you have been paying attention! The other often cited ‘cause’ of death from mismanaged fevers is septicemia. This is of course precisely what can happen from stopping the fever, the bloodstream has loaded with this toxic waste that it was trying to eliminate, but then was prevented from doing so and years and years and years worth of retained toxins now floating in the bloodstream, cause organ failure…no surprise there! Google the word ‘septicemia’ and you will find the definition is exactly what we are proposing here.

So I finish this discussion with a quote from the genius of Mr. Kenneth S. Jaffrey ND DC: 

“There is no greater boon to suffering humanity than that 

of the properly managed fever”.

And now hopefully you can also see that there is nothing more dangerous to the very processes of life, than suppressing, than mismanaging the fever!

 REGARDLESS of the ‘cause’, when the body raises a fever, do not suppress it, let it run its course, the fever IS the healing process and it will abate as soon as the body has finished its ‘house-cleaning’ work.

For precise direction and understanding of how to safely manage fever, I implore you to seek the professional guidance of a fully qualified Nature Cure practitioner.

 Victoria Mohren NCP, BOM Acc, B Bus


The opinions expressed in this article are based on the naturopathic philosophy of health and do not coincide with currently accepted medical theories on health and healing. The publisher does not claim that any advice given represents a “cure” for disease. If the reader has any doubts regarding his or her health, it is the responsibility of that individual to consult a competent health practitioner.